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  Moto Morini was founded by Alfonso Morini shortly after World War II. This small motorbikes company, known as "MM" in 1937, produced both motorcycles and engines for three-wheeled motorbike vehicles in its classic Bolognese factory. In July 1943, however, the facility was destroyed in bombing raids. At the end of 1945, the production of motorbikes resumed with a 125cc model in a new location named "Morini Mazzetti."

The first motorcycle manufactured by Morini under the name "Moto Morini" was a 125cc, produced in 1949. From that year until 1969, the year in which Mr. Morini died, the factory developed important production motorbikes - especially in the 1950's - such as the "Settebello," the "Briscola," the "Tresette," the "Sbarazzino," and the famous racing motorbike the "Rebello."

These comical names are derived from classic card games, many of which are still very poplar in the Bolognese region. The tradition of giving motorbikes nicknames continued with some of the most important, classic Moto Morini motorbikes, the "Corsarino" and the "Corsaro,".

When Alfonso Morini died, his daughter Gabriella took over and ran the factory until 1987 when the company was sold to the Castigliono brothers at Cagiva.

In 1990, the Morini workers were transferred to Ducati, and the last 1,000 Morini motorbikes were produced at a small, private company, close to Ravenna, in 1991.



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